Effects Of The Gmo Crops On Human Health

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One idea we rejected was to genetically manipulate your hair to change color without the use of dyes and harmful chemicals. The way we look is controlled by our genes, which we get from our parents. It is virtually impossible to naturally grow colored hair such as deep red, blue, and green, but that doesn 't mean we don’t want it. We would follow the steps of recombinant DNA but instead of using bacteria, we would use our own genes and the other genes would be engineered. Once put back into the body, hair follicles would produce hair of our chosen color.
The other idea we rejected was creating non-GMO crops that could be sold at markets. GMO crops consist of health risking chemicals if consumed in large amounts. GMO crops were created to grow crops in larger amounts and less time, but the farmers and businessmen didn’t care about the effects of the GMO crops to human health. Non-GMO crops would have a different approach to society though. A different chemical would be inserted into the crops to still grow them in large amounts and little time. Farms would incorporate this fertilizer into their daily routine instead of spraying the crops with harmful chemicals. We originally began our project by researching on how sound waves would affect people with manic - depressive disorder. It would be very similar to using sound waves to control depression except the hertz would most likely be different. We would also need to target a different area of the brain. People would…
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