Effects Of The Grand Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution was a time that England and America set the stage for life as we know it today. It brought the developmental changes of agriculture, manufacturing, mining, communication and transportation to the European empires and eventually the entire world. Everywhere we look we can see how it has impacted our quality of life, family structure, career paths, and even education. There are endless possibilities when explaining the effects of the grand Industrial Revolution. In fact, many would say that the era of the Industrial Revolution had more of an impact on society than any other time in history. The start and end of the Industrial Revolution is still debated by historians, however between 1760 and 1840 Britain and American seen the biggest impact their countries would ever experience. It Britain the upper class folk were known as aristocrats who held high social status and were born into wealth. The peasants and farmers worked hard every day for low wages that would never let them see a better way of living. If you weren’t born into one of these wealthy families you were destined to use your hands working the fields for your whole life. The spinning machine was the first machine of its kind to spin cotton and produce product faster than any other known way at that time. It was ran by the energy of a water wheel, and inner workings similar to a clock. The man known for creating this state of the art
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