Effects Of The Great Northern War

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Great Northern War: The Clash between Two Titans
European history has been filled with war, but none has caused quite the damage like the Northern Wars. The Northern Wars were a series of campaigns during the 16th century throughout the 18th century that would leave devastation in the northern regions of Europe. Throughout the series of wars that contributed to the mass destruction of property and wealth, none could be comparable to the destruction that the Great Northern war caused. During the beginning of the 18th century, 1700 - 1721, the Great Northern War engulfed Europe into a time of war and destruction. The result would cause an immense shift of power within the European nations. The result would cause the prevention of advancement
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The Northern Wars were separated into 3 main campaigns: First Northern War, Second Northern War and the Great Northern War. To fully understand that events that occurred in the Great Northern War, the full comprehension of the First and Second Northern War is a necessity. The First Northern War was not a singular war, but a series of battles that mostly occurred during the 16th and…show more content…
The short terms affect of the Great Northern War on the nations that were involved were mostly territorial changes as well as the shift of power. After the war, Sweden lost much of its territory and ended its era as one of the most powerful nations in Europe. Russia, the Commonwealth and Denmark would all gain new territories that they desired both in the Baltic region and Estonia. After Sweden was defeated, Russia rose as one of Europe’s most power nation. Although the short term impacts were important, there were also long term impacts that would forever change and affect the course these nations would follow. The destruction caused during the duration of the war forced Sweden to go into a state of recovery which would take decades to centuries to recover. This would and prevent Sweden from becoming a major superpower in Europe as well as slow down its advancement and development to a point that would put it at a disadvantage to other nations. The nations that gained from this war would enter a golden age of rapid development and growth. Russia, under the rule of Peter the Great, would enter a golden age that allowed cultural expansion, prosperity through trade and rapid technological advancement. The legacy that the Great Northern War left behind would be the influence of the Russian Empire on Europe. The European nations would be exposed to Russia which made Peter’s dream of
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