Effects Of The Haiti Earthquake

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On January 12, 2010 one of the deadliest events occurred in Haitian history. A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti which destructed major buildings such as the hospitals which were very important for the wide spread diseases that occurred at the time of the earthquake in the country. Homes and lives had changed drastically after the earthquake struck, many had to bear with the loss of personal belongings and loved ones. Due to the severe destruction, New York Times stated that the city Port- au-Prince “fell into darkness” (Romero and Lacey). The Haiti earthquake had catastrophic, slow recovery effects on many lives, the environment and the economy. Over a million lives were affected by the disastrous earthquake. CNN recorded more than “220000-316000” people were killed, “300000” were left injured due to many buildings collapsing or trapping the people and over a million left the area. Thousands of houses were destructed and therefore, many were left psychologically scarred and with no home. Living in the shelters was extremely difficult for the affected people due to there not being enough resources such as food; hunger was a serious problem for the people of Haiti. Diseases started to spread after the earthquake. According to Allison MacLauchlan, National Institutes of Health cholera became a problem due to the “wrecked water treatment systems and crowded conditions,” “which struck more than 720,000 Haitians and killed almost 9,000” (knox). Also, there
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