Effects Of The Halo Effect

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The contrast effect where it is assumed that the recruiter is not able to delegate his work because he told them that he is a perfectionist. The contrast effects deals with the fact the you evaluate people by their characteristics that was observed recentlyduring the interview and now the recruit has been judge on his comment on his personal character as a perfectionist that heis not good in delegating his work. This is only a perception and maybe totally not true and this perceptual error could lead to the fact that this recruit does not get the job.The characteristic of someone that is able to define their weakness is looked at as a positive attribute of a candidate, and thus recruiters make direct comparisons of different candidates by directly comparing them on just this one criteria.

The Halo effect affects recruiters’ perceptions. Because of an avalanche in resumes Worldwide Panel LLC received for the four vacancies, the officials rejected numerous applicants just by asking them “What is your greatest weakness?”. The recruiters formed an overall impression from the applicants’ responses and used that impression to bias ratings about them. For example, the one with the answer “I’m a perfectionist” made recruiters think he was not a good delegator and was not chosen. Another is an interviewee’s comment that he was confident
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Based on this definition, in this case, we can clarify the interviewers are stereotypes and the interviewees are the group who are believed to have some certain characteristics or attributes. Some of the negative stereotypes have been shown in the case which are: (1) Any candidate who can’t point out what their weaknesses are, will be considered as being incapable of delegating or lacked awareness of his/ her weaknesses. (2) Interviewers often judge candidates’ nonverbal cues when they’re nervous instead of considering their true

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