Effects Of The Home Environment And Parental Attitudes On Student Learning

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Throughout my academic career, my parents have always been involved in my studies by encouraging me, helping with homework, aspiring me to work and study hard, and keeping me on top of things. They did little things like making me learn my timetables with cue cards before entering grade three or printing out maps of the world so that I can label them. After all these years, I am certain that their involvement in my studies and my overall home environment greatly affected the excellent grades that I got.
The presentation my colleagues and I presented on November 9, 2015, generated ardent and argumentative issues surrounding the intricate educational conundrum: What are the effects of the home environment and parental attitudes on student learning? In our presentation, we examined two contrasting views. Are there real limits to what teachers and educational institutions can accomplish? Or are teachers the most stable component in a young person’s life? These opposing perspectives were demonstrated through an introductory skit which set the tone for the rest of the presentation. In truth, learning begins well before children enter school, and once children are attending school they continue to learn both inside and outside the classroom. Parents play a critical role in the influence of the home environment on academic learning. Many studies indicate that children who do well in school come from families that provide a supportive and enriched environment for learning in the…
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