Effects Of The Industrial Revolution Britain. The Industrial

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Effects of the Industrial Revolution Britain The Industrial revolution began in the mid-1700 's in parts of Eastern England and Southern Scotland and probably would not have taken place without the dramatic enhancements in farming that began in the early 1700 's. The agricultural revolution started well before the Industrial Revolution but once mechanisation began the two revolutions became interlinked and worked hand in hand. As the historian, J.H. Clapham quantified, “even if the history of the industrial revolution is a thrice-squeezing orange, there remains to be an astonishing amount of juice in it. “(Clapham,1930) Although, it remains to be an issue if the Industrial Revolution had been a positive influence on Europe or not? It was…show more content…
One of the first farmers to use the scientific approach to farming was Jethro Tull, and with it, he promoted ploughing and hoeing to break up the soil with his invention the seed drill in 1721 which was only one of many drills that invented in the eighteenth century. These technological developments allowed “farmers to sow seeds in well-spaced rows at certain depths.” Nevertheless, the most revolutionary discovery for farmers had to be that of the system of crop rotation. This development of scientific farming, brought about radical effect and changes on population, which brought about healthier livestock and increased crop production which then meant more food for a growing population. the knock-on effect had been fewer people going hungry with a general standard of nutrition, which then led to an increased improvement in their life expectancy. Nether the less, the onset of the enclosure system was not all positive as many small farmers had been forced off their land, and then these farmers began to leave Britain for British colonies such as North America, while, others crowded the already jam-packed cities for job possibilities. Another obvious change brought about by the Industrial Revolution was the growth of the cities. Most Europeans, for centuries, had lived in rural areas (Bagwell 105). Problems began occurring in the cities. There was

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