Effects Of The Industrial Revolution During The Victorian Era

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There is always a peak time on a country, and in Great Britain, the Victorian era was their peak time. During the Victorian era, Great Britain had made many advancements and improvements from the Industrial Revolution. More advances were made during this period than the past 200 and more years, and this also had influenced other countries. The inventions and the changes made shaped the modern day, which leads to our research question: How did the changes in the industrial revolution during the Victorian era shaped the 20st century?

The Victorian Era is known to be the period when Queen Victoria ruled England, which was from 1837~1901. It was also called Second English Renaissance. The major accomplishments during this time was expanding
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There were three main social classes during the Victorian era, which were the upper class on the top, then the middle class, and finally the working class. The upper class wore fancy, expensive, and eye-catchy clothes, which showed their wealth within them. The women in the upper class was the fanciest of all, wearing blouses and dresses that were decorated with embroiders and laces. The styles of dress changed over times, starting from corsets and petticoats that emphasized the waist, and ending up with bustles that emphasized the hips. The men wore top hats, collared shirts, trousers, and jackets that were in plain colors. The jackets sometimes had check and striped patterns. The middle class were similar as the upper class, but weren’t as fancy as them. The dresses were more simpler and daily-based than the upper class, with plain tunics and simple dresses. Their clothes still had fluffy laces on the blouses and tunics, but the dresses were rather flowy than fluffy. The men wore simple tunics and jackets with small top hats. Finally, the working class’ clothing mainly emphasized on comfort. The women wore ragged and cheap clothes with no decorations, and were those simple clothing that made them easy to move. This meant no corsets, petticoats, and bustles. The men wore plain shirts and trousers, and if they had enough money, they wore coats and…show more content…
The most famous one was cooking. At that time, women began cook by themselves and this shaped our modern eating style. Such as cooking meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Secondary, the eating style changed. Since the industrial revolution invented new method for saving food and developed transporting, people could eat food that they could not eat before. For example, in the industrial revolution had invented refrigerator and steam engine, which made people bring mutton from Australia. The third, the start of imperialism. During that time period, the mass amounts of manufacturing started, which made people began to make more weapons, meanwhile it required massive resources to run these industries. This made countries to colonize other countries. And this was one of the reason for
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