Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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Lizbeth Amador
Professor Daigle
ENGL 2323

Midterm Essay: Industrialization
The Industrial Revolution gave birth in Britain and took place in the 17th century. Changes in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, technology, etc. affected deeply the social, economic, and cultural conditions in which people were living. The Industrial Revolution caused the increased in factories and unemployment for the poor. It can be said that the Industrial Revolution was a period when coal and steam were used to power machines with the purpose of reducing human labor and increasing production. Many people were involved in the growth of the Industrial Revolution, for example Edmund Cartwright was invented the power loom which increased the efficiency of the textile production. Another example is the Sir Humphrey Davy invented the Davy Lamp used by miners, George Stephenson developed the steam engine for use in trains and like that there were many inventors who helped and became part of the industrial revolution. The Industrial Revolution was a time period of advancement and progress that brought with it, many consequences too, poets like Elizabeth Barret Browning, Charles Dickens, Henry Mayhew, and William Blake.
“The Cry of the Children” by Elizabeth Barret Browning is a poem about the working conditions of children in England around the mid-1800s through the early 1900s. Due to Industrialism and the poor conditions that parents were living in, children would be sold for
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