Effects Of The Internet On People 's Opinions About Vaccinations

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Vaccinations are very important for people of all ages so that they will hopefully be as healthy as possible. In the past, not everyone has always accepted vaccinations (even though most have). Therefore, people having negative opinions about vaccination is not a recent problem however, more people today have negative opinions about them even though science has expressed that they are very important and that they get rid of illnesses and help people to be healthy. This paper will talk about the impact of the internet on people’s opinions about vaccinations, a couple of examples of how not having vaccinations negatively impact people’s health and how this problem can be gotten rid of. Today, many people (75-80% of Americans and Canadians) like to find health information on the internet because they can do it in different places. Unfortunately, this has created problems (especially with vaccinations) because not all of the websites have good and positive information (created by science). Therefore because many people can be impacted by this information, the amount of people having vaccinations has decreased a lot. For example, anti-vaccination websites explain that vaccines have negative ingredients in them such as Thimerosal is an organic substance which has a type of mercury in it and which can be used to keep another substance from mixing with this substance. Thimerosal is only part of a small amount of vaccines such as certain flu and Hepatitis B ones and only bits of
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