Effects Of The Kick On The South Carolina

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Kick is one of the largest non alcoholic beverage companies in the world. Kick was created in the South Carolina in 2014 by a mom that loves soft drinks. Kick has created a variety of different soda products over their lifetime in order to satisfy a broad range of consumers taste. Kick has several different products within their portfolio, however, focusing strictly on their soda division ,The name I chose for this company is KICK. The name Kick is significant to my beverage choice of soda because that is what the consumers are looking tog et from the product “ a kick”. When I think of a cold soda , I want that kick of energy from the caffeine and that kick of fizzle from the soda that gives that “burning” sensation in your throat and wakes you up. Soda is often described as refreshing , however, the definition of refreshing varies form person to person. In my opinion refreshing is something that is smooth, light, quenches your thirst, and is satisfying. Soda seems to sit a little heavy, kind of ruff going down and doesn’t really quench the thirst as much as just satisfying the thirst for the moment which can be described as a Kick beverage. A kick is something swift, fast and gets your attention. As, previously mentioned Kick has several different brands of sodas and each one has a very strong fizz and flavor. A company is only as good as the promise it keeps. The mission statement is what the founders envisioned for their company including their goals, aspiration,
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