Effects Of The Opium War

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How the Opium Wars Unfolded and Their Effects on Others The Opium wars were a series of conflicts mainly between China and Britain. The dispute was over the legalization of the Opium trade. China’s people were severely suffering from the effects of the Opium. Britain had been illegally moving opium from India into China. A large mass of the public had become addicted to opioids and the government sensed the problem. Due to the success of the opium trade, Britain refused to stop bringing in the Opium. The conflict between the two countries sparked the two part Opium Wars. The first Opium war resulted in many different unsteady treaties, many of which were seen as unfair to the Chinese. The second Opium War was a result of British greed. The Chinese were preoccupied with the Taiping Rebellion, so the British decided to take advantage of the situation and push the opium trade further, resulting in further conflict. The French decided to join the British in the fighting, and the Chinese were left defeated and forced into negotiations. Both wars resulted in series of treaties, but each war’s treaties had different impacts and affected people in different ways. After the first Opium War, China had to give up a lot in order to bring peace with Britain. A series of treaties were signed. The first treaty was signed in August of 1842 in Nanjing. This treaty was known as the Treaty of Nanjing. There were many parts to this treaty, but there were zero benefits to China. The

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