Effects Of The Prevalence Of Calcium On An Aging Population

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Osteoporosis is a disease where bone tissue deteriorates resulting in reduced bone mineral density (BMD). This can lead to bone fragility and an increased risk of fractures (1). This disease is a growing concern in today’s society, particularly in women over 50 years of age (2). It is predicted that the number of cases of osteoporosis will continue to increase due to an aging population (3). Nutritional intake is a major contributor to the disease. In particular, a lack of dietary calcium, a nutrient critical to bone development, is a major factor in the development of osteoporosis (4). Those who practice veganism, a dietary practice that omits dairy (i.e. a significant source of calcium), are at high risk of developing this disease. From a preventative standpoint, it would be very helpful to understand the impact of veganism in young women. This study aims to look at the diet of adolescent female vegans to evaluate the prevalence of calcium in their diets, as well as look at the potential risk of developing osteoporosis in the future.
During adolescent years essential bone formation occurs. Peak bone mass typically occurs before the age of 30 (5). Bones increase in density and strength in order to protect individuals in the future. It is therefore essential to obtain an adequate amount of calcium during teenage years. A general concern is that adolescent females do not consume enough calcium, and thus often do not meet the Recommended Daily…
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