Effects Of The Rat Race Phenomenon

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The Rat Race Phenomenon

“Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems; wish for more skills. Don't wish for less challenges; wish for wisdom,” Jim Rhon.
The previously unfamiliar competition, now occasioned more by economic factors and social cultural evolution, has taken a toll on many people’s fortunes. Indeed, many members of the society have been condemned into seemingly endless rat race situations as they struggle for survival. This rat race brings to mind childhood dreams, which we apparently outgrow as maturity sets in. You are in the middle of nowhere under attack by a fierce animal. It could be a dog or even a lion. The only option you have is to run for dear life. You end up running as fast as your legs can
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Some of them like retirement, therefore no more need to work, are terminal. Other solutions include moving from a high pressure job to less intense roles, either at a different company or within the same company, but probably in an alternative location or department. Another alternative could be changing to a different job, which does not involve working long hours, or commuting long distances. No matter the change however, it may only offer a temporary reprieve especially for anyone in the wrong career or occupation. Therefore, it is best to recognize the cause and effect of this rat race phenomenon at an early stage in life. Better still, there is need to guard against venturing into this phenomenon, as much as is practically possible. This is the only way that we can all enjoy long and economically rewarding lives and careers. Perhaps some experiences of Montana could bring out some worthwhile lessons. At one time Montana met Daniel Regana, an acquaintance since their young adulthood. They had known each other soon after living school. Both were working in different organizations but kept their relationship quite close, even after each got own

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