Effects Of The Removal Of One Parent Has On The Child

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Family is one of the most instrumental parts of our development in our childhood and for the rest of our lives, how does a divorce between two parents effect their child or children? Divorce is on the rise in the lives of families all across North America in significant amounts with no sign of slowing down. Until the mid 80’s when the divorce act was enacted in Canada, divorce was a very rare occurrence and as a result the effects of what divorce can have on the family is largely untouched. This paper will discuss the socio-genealogical effects that the removal of one parent has on the child. Divorce is unquestionably a stressful and drawn out part of many children’s lives. Children of divorce face a myriad of emotional issues that can…show more content…
Due to these results it shows that although there are obviously difficulties for children adjusting to a separated family, it has an even larger effect than anticipated. One major result of the study showed that males are more deeply affected by a separation in the family. This is due to the fact that in a separation, the children generally stay with the mother, thereby removing the child from a father figure and role model. As well males are more likely to externalize their frustration through behavioural and anti-social issues more so than women. This study is useful for recently divorced mothers as it gives them some more potential insight for how to help their children cope with a divorce, whether through a big brother program to have a positive role model in the child’s life or by giving them access to counselling to express their feelings. One aspect the study could have addressed is if the mother found another significant other and how it would have a further effect on the child. This study focuses interestingly enough on how a parental divorce in adults may or may not have effects on them. Prior to this research, most researchers minimized the effect that a divorce has on adult children of divorce, also known as ACD. This is due to the fact that as adults, they are fully matured and are able to cope much better than if they were a younger child. As well, the
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