Effects Of The Removal Of One Parent Has On The Child

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Family is one of the most instrumental parts of our development in our childhood and for the rest of our lives, how does a divorce between two parents effect their child or children? Divorce is on the rise in the lives of families all across North America in significant amounts with no sign of slowing down. Until the mid 80’s when the divorce act was enacted in Canada, divorce was a very rare occurrence and as a result the effects of what divorce can have on the family is largely untouched. This paper will discuss the socio-genealogical effects that the removal of one parent has on the child. Divorce is unquestionably a stressful and drawn out part of many children’s lives. Children of divorce face a myriad of emotional issues that can even make appearances into adulthood. The purpose of this study was to find out if socio-genealogical connectedness, or the social relationship to the family, had any effect on the child with the adjustment of being in a lone-parent family. The study took 50 children between the ages of 6-19 years all in predominately white families with the 72% of the families being divorced, the rest being widowed mothers. Semi-structured yet in depth interviews were made to determine if there was a correlation between the children’s behaviour, emotional wellbeing and performance in school. School reports were pulled as a means to corroborate the information, as well as interviews with the parent. This study clearly showed that there was in fact a…
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