Effects Of The Sauk Rapids Tornado

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On the afternoon of April 14, 1886, the city of Sauk Rapids in Minnesota was nearly wiped out after a tornado had struck the city. The whole city was left in complete devastation. Natural disasters have always interested me, specifically tornadoes. Something about tornadoes, whether it’d be how they form or how they acquire their power to cause great destruction, interests me to learn more about tornadoes. This led me to research about tornadoes in Minnesota. As I began surfing the internet about tornadoes that occurred in Minnesota, I came across the effects that each tornado had caused to the areas that it had struck. This is where I discovered the effects of one particular tornado called the Sauk Rapids Tornado. As I looked at the…show more content…
Based on this, the tornado was absolutely massive. Also, it had been reported that when the tornado “crossed the Mississippi...local witnesses said the river was ‘swept dry’...” (Douglas, Paul). This tornado was really a force to be reckoned with. In the end, the Sauk Rapids tornado lasted only about thirteen minutes, but devastatingly “killed 72 people and injured more than 200 and caused over $400,000 in damages. In 2015 dollars, that would be roughly $10.4 million dollars” (NWS Des Moines). All of this is why the Sauk Rapids tornado became known as the deadliest tornado ever in Minnesota history.

Though the Sauk Rapids tornado destroyed the city of Sauk Rapids, the city was still able to rebuild back to the community that they once were and become an even stronger city. Before the tornado struck Sauk Rapids, the city was actually going through a period of growth. Many buildings were being built such as “a general store was built, then a hotel, and a large jail...new courthouse was built…” (Sauk Rapids Minnesota). Sauk Rapids was building to become a successful city, but unfortunately, that wasn’t able to happen because of the tornado. However, the tornado actually helped teach Sauk Rapids a valuable lesson in terms of what materials buildings should be built out of. A majority of the buildings, before the tornado had struck, in Sauk Rapids were built using wood: “The original businesses...a lot of them were wood. After the

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