Effects Of The Vietnam War On The United States

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The effects of the Vietnam War with the United States and Vietnam had devastating effects for both sides. The United States entered this war as a way of proclaiming that it was the world power and to help out a country that split into the North and South Vietnam. One side was communist and the other side was a republic. The Viet Cong tried to oppress and take over. The United States reacted to this threat as a communist act and decided to step in and aid the people of Vietnam. This war was classified as the most controversial and bloodiest wars in history. There were many tragedies and misconceptions with both sides.
The Vietnam War was one of America’s most controversial wars. Many of its aspects are still plagued with great uncertainty. The aspects of the Vietnam War are still argued and debated about. People still want to know and ask the questions of why did the war start. What reasons did the United States’ have for getting involved? What was the objective of the war? What was the American soldiers really fighting, or dying for? The containment of Vietnam was supposed to be an in and out war? We ask ourselves “How do you explain a war to someone who has not experienced “war” firsthand, especially if you were not there?” The answer is “There is no real answer.” We can look at all the facts and but what about the human perspective of the war. There were so many people involved in the decision making of the Vietnam War. There was the President, the politicians, the
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