Effects Of The War On The African American Community

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The Effect of the War on Drugs on the African American Community
In the year 1971, President Richard Nixon was convinced that America’s number one enemy was drug abuse. As a result, in that year he declared war on drugs, there was a punishment for not only supplying drugs but purchasing them as well. Nixon believed America would be a more effective and prosperous country if it were completely drug free. The war on drugs was really a convenient cover for the undeclared war on race. There were several consequences and negative effects for African Americans due to the “war”, more extensive drug regulations, over-policing, driving while black, drug sweeps, and finally no warrants when searching and seizing. More than half of the people in possession of the illegal drugs in the 70’s were African Americans or Hispanics. The newly formed laws were put in place to control and regulate the minorities by giving them harsher sentences and sending them to jail for longer periods of time. Nixon tried to stop the smuggling of Marijuana and other drugs into the U.S by slowing down all trade with Mexico but that just opened up the window for other countries in South America to start selling drugs. Unfortunately Nixon was more focused on Stopping the supply of drugs he did not put any resources into stopping the demand for drugs and as long as someone is trying to buy a drug there will always be someone willing to break the law to sell it. It has been a total of forty-four years and there…
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