Effects Of The War On Vietnamese Children

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War is always a word which reminds Vietnamese people of an unforgettable pain in Vietnamese history. According to a statistics, there were 800000 to more than 3.1 million people who were dead in Vietnam War. A hundred of billion dollars were poured into Vietnam War such as weapons, equipment, nourishment, etc. The War has left serious consequences for every single Vietnamese people until now. Not only had it affected men, women, the old who involved directly in the battle, but it also caused a great pain to childhood of all Vietnamese children who were innocent and should have played at their ages. A powerful illustration for the impact of the War to Vietnamese children is Napalm girl picture which was taken 1972 and considered as one of the 25 most iconic photographs. The historical values and the right moment that picture taken are two main reasons why this photo has become so special and iconic. The Napalm girl picture has mark important historical events in the Vietnam War. In the picture, several children were running away from the area which was attacked by napalm bombs with a few South Vietnamese soldiers. In fact, in 1972 Vietnamese South military attacked with napalm bomb on Trang Bang. According to Wikipedia, Napalm is a flammable liquid used in warfare. It is a mixture of a gelling agent, and either petroleum or a similar fuel. It was initially used as an incendiary device against buildings and later primarily as an anti-personnel weapon, as it sticks to…
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