Effects Of Tonle Sap 's Slum Dwellers Regarding Sanitation And Its Effects On The Lake

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In my research, I will look at the effects and wellbeing of Tonle Sap’s slum dwellers regarding sanitation and the consequential effects on the lake that relates to the Cambodian economy and livelihood, which is severely under threat from the national and international consequences of the shift in the growth of modernity which creates a cycle where Cambodian city dweller resort to migrate to Tonle Sap’s slum. As the nation and the region develop, high levels of pollution find their way into its waters as slum dwellers. This poses a huge threat to the safeguarding of future generations of both wildlife and human population. The lack of basic sanitary provisions means that disease epidemics are an everyday risk to human life. A research shows that 1 in 77 newborn will not live to be a teenager. This is the bleak reality that Cambodia is facing today I seek a response to such problems through collaborative design approach and mediation as the role of an Architect that challenge conventions and help establish a program of support in the region. As the role of a mediator, fighting for the benefits of the newer generation and the economy of Cambodia through the involvement of slum upgrade that involves health aid, ecological research and monitoring. Furthermore, the scheme hopes to cater for the transient nature of the floating slum villages and as such needs to have an incremental effect around the lake and on the dwellers itself. 1. History of the area and where and when did

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