Effects Of Toys On Childhood Development

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The Effects of Toys on Childhood Development
A child plays almost seven hours a day, irrespective of gender, race or nationality (Brandl 1). People’s happiness and growth during childhood mostly happen during their leisure time or playtime. It is during this period that one starts to develop certain skills such as counting and speech. Imagination, problem-solving, and other abstract skills are being honed during a child’s playing time as well (Goldstein 2). In addition, psychologists and educators believe that the act of playing is significant to children because it helps them learn about the environment or society they are in (Best 4). Children’s development however does not only happen because of mere playing or spending leisure time. It is further attributed and influenced by the materials provided for them to play on. These materials include toys. Toys have to be carefully selected since their effects may either be bad or good on a child’s development. Upon reviewing research findings related to the effects of male/female oriented toys, this paper claims that toys do not determine the gender orientation and violent character of children. The effect of toys on children is generally positive and supportive of healthy development.
Toys keep the children motivated during play time and helping them build character at an early age. Toys help youngsters identify their strengths, interests, and personality (Goldstein 2). Each toy
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