Effects Of Transition From Preschool To Primary School

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Transition in education is a period of change that a child may experience when starting preschool, primary or secondary education. In this essay, the focus will be on issues faced in transition from preschool to primary school.
Transitions from one environment to another can be stressful for the child and the parents. Every child is unique and will have different experiences and capabilities. Hence, they will react differently to stress. Children need a caring, supportive environment for physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. They also need to feel safe and have a sense of belonging. Children who experience a positive transition from preschool to primary school are more likely to succeed academically and be socially
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When children transition from preschool to primary one there is a change in the learning environment, quality of interaction and mode of instruction. The primary school is a much larger environment than a preschool. The classroom enrolment is also bigger and there is a larger teacher-pupil ratio. Hence, children in primary school receive less one-to-one attention from the teacher than children in preschool. In primary school, children are expected to spend more time seated at their desks. Children also spend a longer duration in primary school than in preschool and carry heavy schoolbags. There is a change in curriculum and behaviour expectations. Children are expected to buy their own food at the canteen and finish it within 20 minutes. Naptimes are not included. In primary school, children are expected to tie their own shoelaces, use the toilet the right way on their own and at specified times. In preschool, children may have 1 teacher to teach them Mother Tongue and another to teach them the other academic skills. However, in primary school children may have more than 2 teachers teaching them academic and non-academic subjects. Hence, children will have to adapt to different teaching styles and teacher
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