Effects Of Violent Video Games Essay

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Out of all of the age groups, teeneagers love video games. Though some say “it’s just a game”, that simple game could be more of an impact than people think. At the moment teenagers may not see any change in their actions and emotions while playing video games. Violent video games in specific are a huge impact on Americans teenagers. Do parents actually pay attention to the things their children say while playing violent video games? No. Violent video games affect a great amount of America’s teenagers, it causes hostility, aggression and affects school performance. People ages 13-19 are usually classified as adolescents also know as teenagers. Adolescents are usually the most influenced in most American societies. In…show more content…
The violence in video games is not always noticeable to most adults or more specifically the “non-gamers”. While the graphics in a violent video game are better and more realistic than a general user video game it's more tempting to play. Teenagers seem to be aggressive already at moments because of puberty and other teenage life problems, but, there are other reasons they are very aggressive “out of nowhere”. The aggression really comes from the teenagers environment and/or the violence in the video games they play. Kirsh stated that adolescents tend to play violent video games in their development stage, which could cause them to respond to provocative situations with the greatest aggression. (Kirsh 383) With teens going through their stages of development they could think that the video games that they’re playing frequently are normal ways of life. For example the actions they see on the violent video games may later be seen be seen as ordinary actions for the adolescent. The teenagers that play the most violent video games are most likely to be more aggressive. Being in an online lobby on a violent video game there is plenty of verbal aggression. The amount of explicit language used against players when playing with strangers on violent video games is over the top. Players that use the explicit language against the players usually believe they
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