Effects Of Watching Too Much Television

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Ambe Emmanuel Prof. Anne O 'bryan ENGL101 29 Jan, 2016 Effects of Watching Too Much TV The world has recently increase drastically with technological advancements. People have turn to rely on television to be the only source of awareness and information. Television is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Both adults and children have fallen deeply into this technological advancement. In some homes, families own more than two television sets. Researchers have conducted a study which shows that an average American watches forty two hours of television a week. This is so much time wasted which could be directed to doing other productive activities. The overall fact of the matter is that too much television can negatively affect people in numerous ways. Some damaging effects of watching too much television include health concerns due to less physical activities, misleading information, lack of concentration and social interaction, and bad moral behaviors acquired from television. Watching too much television can have effect on people every day life; it can cause health issues due to less physical activities. Watching television is associated with adult and childhood obesity. Watching too much television discourages and prevents people from exercising “A recent meta-analysis of the evidence found that time spent watching television was consistently linked with overweight”(Hancox 171). “Previous studies have reported that increased television watching correlates
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