Effects Of Youtube On The Social Media

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As of today, many people go to television or the internet to receive entertainment, news, or sports. Now with the general audience of television being rather large and the social media site, YouTube, steadily growing its audience each year, it would only make sense to have it grow larger. YouTube has already begun adapting various tactics to its growth like Live streaming, YouTube Gaming, conventions, and even the implementation of a paid service called YouTube Red. YouTube red allows viewers to see special content and movies, similarly to the streaming companies like Hulu or Netflix. In addition, various groups of people have bounded together to create “News Like” channels to broadcast news that is currently happening on the social media. Generally this is mirroring television which isn’t a bad thing, but this is merely adapting the concept. Even looking into YouTube’s statistics proves that their constant growth has been increasing at least 50% year after year for over the past three straight years. In addition to YouTube 's statistics, its general audience spans greatly among 18-34 and 18-49 year-old, well above any cable network stationed in the United States ( ). With all this in mind, I propose a research option to search and discover the aspect of expanding from the Internet and forward YouTube’s push to possibilities like Radio and Television. This could help begin something huge and not only with grasping a wider audience, but the market for commercials would…

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