Effects and Impact of Solid Waste Generation in Abuja Municicipal Area Council

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CHAPTER 1 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The quantity and generation rate of solid wastes in Nigeria have increased over at an alarming rate over the years with lack of efficient and modern technology for the management of the wastes. The generation rate, collection and disposal of solid wastes are functions of several factors which if well considered and appropriated could bring the desired solution to the waste management problems in Nigeria. This chapter contains a brief description of the problem of study, background to the problem, purpose of the study and research questions. Significance and scope of the study were also discussed in this chapter. By definition, solid wastes could be defined as a non-liquid and non-gaseous…show more content…
From water drainages to uncompleted buildings, open field and most recently under a high tension power line belonging to the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, anywhere can be used as dump sites. Simply put, open spaces in and around satellite towns are now at risk. The refuse dumps stink horribly and has taken up a large portion of a high tension PHCN power mast. Refuse collectors routinely set fire to the refuse in an effort to reduce its size to a manageable level. For example, a refuse collector, Mallam Zubairu Abubakar who was seen emptying the contents of his truck at the unapproved dump site defended his action. According to him “where do you expect us to dump the refuse”, we have to find a way of disposing the refuse so I joined them. I expect that the government will use their truck to remove what we dump here and take it wherever they want or in the alternative, show us another place to use as dump. A resident of Nyanya Mr Michael Ojo described the situation in Nyanya as worse than other parts of Abuja. According to him, “we are at the mercy of refuse here because even portions of the Abuja-Keffi road have become dumpsites. Unless something urgent is done, Abuja will become worse than Lagos”. The story is same in parts like Lugbe, a settlement around the precinct of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. 1.3 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY This research paper is aimed at

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