Effects of Abortion on Mental Health

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AEffects of abortion on mental health The only terms used by the scientific community to refer to psychological pain of abortion are those associated with anxiety, depression or some corollaries of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Indeed, testing protocols and treatment of PTSD can be used only if the symptoms provide clear manifestations in a period close to the event. However, the manifestation of suffering of abortion is often part time, or even cannot come to the surface at the approach of its own death. Encysted psychological suffering will then wait for an event occur and strong for the person to make the connection between past events and the suffering of abortion. Some testimonials even mention the period immediately following…show more content…
Indeed, guilt may refer to a transgression of the law that man has inside him, a law that the Greek philosophers called natural law. This, at the heart of man, contains an injunction “you shall not kill!” So that guilt can be seen as an internal controller detecting a transgression. Or conversely, if you do not recognize a heteronymous law determining the good and the bad, then guilt will be linked under the society’s blame regardless to abortion. In both cases, due to contraceptive methods and advances in assisted reproduction, women now plan and schedule their pregnancy. In fact, the failure of a pregnancy becomes his personal failure. The fault is then searched. Abortion can cause periods of depression in which the pain can encysted. Some women become aggressive or nervous, or even hyperactive. Anxiety can find an answer food such as bulimia or, conversely, anorexia. For others, psychosomatic reactions will take over with stomach aches, absence of periods, headaches, the loss of self-esteem ("I'm bad, I'm unworthy, painful for others"), the fear of not being pregnant again or anxiety of existential insecurity are consequences commonly observed. Some episodes of a woman’s life can relive the acutely suffering felt at the time of abortion: the date in which the child had been born, or the anniversary date of the abortion, the desire to make present the dead child, are conducive to outbreaks of suffering intensely lived as, for example, anxiety or depressive
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