Effects of Acidic Depositon

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The graph shows the pH value of acid rain water affecting crops in Vietnam. The two bar charts represent two different places in Vietnam: Hoa Binh and Ha Noi. The graph proves that the frequency of rain with below a pH of 5 is more frequent than above 5. This pH value results in the crops growing less.
Like Vietnam, Canada is also facing issues with acidic deposition. A case study done by un.org claims that ‘The North American Maple is dying at a rate of 2.3% for each 100 exceedance units due to the loss of calcium and other nutrients from soils. Lakes and streams are also remaining too acidic or are not recovering to the point where they cannot support sensitive fish and aquatic biota. The result is aquatic ecosystems that are unable to support a variety of species; therefore, biodiversity continues to remain below pre-acidification levels.”
After reviewing different examples of how pH affects other types of plants and seeds and the scientific information of acid rain, it is now clear that the optimum pH for plant growth is between 5.5 and 7. It is also evident that acidic solution affects the growth rate, in which the pH’s with a low value slow down the growth process. There were a low number of seeds germinated in the pH of 1.65 and 2.11 due to the fact that seeds do not germinate efficiently at acidic solutions. However, they do germinate at solutions of between 5.5 and 6.5. There is a chance that there was a decline at pH 5 (the anomaly) due to the fact that it could

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