Effects of Advertising on Children Today

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Running head: CHILDERN AND TODAY 'S ADVERTISEMENT Children and Today 's Advertisement MG6500: Marketing Administration June 14, 2009 Abstract Today’s marketing is very different from yesterday marketing. This paper will discuss how marketing has change through the years. Who are the marketers of today really targeting and are there method ethical, what marketers’ responsibility to society are and what parents are doing to feed this frenzy. Children and Today 's Advertisement Introduction: Since children are vulnerable, they have been targeted by marketers to make profits. Marketers view children as being strong and powerful consumers, therefore; messages are aimed at children in order to promote various sales.…show more content…
Some brands are also using internet chat programs such as Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN messenger) to spot potential customers, who are urged to download branded “buddies” to their friends list. These virtual buddies then give the users the lowdown on the brand’s latest activity (Pidd , 2007, p.2). Confronting Perceived Benefits and Barriers According to Lefebvre, Goodman,Weinberg & Loughrey,(1995). Young children can be motivated to change their eating behavior to approach by telling them of the risks to their health or discussing the nutrient value of foods has not been effective. Behaviorally focused nutrition education targeted to children uses such strategies as exposure to foods in a positive social context, modeling by peers and adults, and appropriate use of rewards (Contento, I. et al. 1995). Robinson states (1989, p 17) “information provided by market research can be used to craft nutrition and health promotion messages aimed at children and teenagers”. For instance, this research has revealed that young children identify more with product brands than with food categories, enjoy independent shopping experiences, communicate their needs by pointing to what they want, and are attracted to displays and packaging that provide opportunities for color-learning, shape naming, story-telling, or animal identification. Older children and teenagers like to

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