Effects of Alcohol Abuse

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Alcohol abuse The term alcohol abuse in this case encompasses harmful use of alcohol and misuse of alcohol resulting from dependence. The experience of alcohol abuse can have far-reaching consequences on the family, the community, and the nation. According to NIDA, drug and substance abuse costs the nation $600 Billion every year. This cost factors in crime, healthcare, and lost productivity. Alcohol accounts for 40% of this cost. It is, therefore, necessary, within the context of the family, to delve into the treatment and support of people who abuse alcohol The health profile of alcohol abusers is quite complex because it transcends gender, age, race, social profile, and economic conditions. This means that the homeless adolescent might abuse alcohol and the wealthy socialite may similarly abuse alcohol (NCETA, 2004). Therefore, the effects alcohol and complications that health providers face when dealing with this group widely vary. However, it is possible to paint a general picture of the health risks, challenges, and accompanying conditions. Alcohol abusers have a higher risk for health problems than non-users. Harmful drinking increases the likelihood of developing cirrhosis, acute pancreatitis and some types of cancer such as breast cancer or mouth cancer. Furthermore, excessive alcohol consumption puts young people and women at risk of harm related to alcohol. In young people, it can hamper development and damage organs, while in women may harm an unborn child
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