Effects of Alcohol Use on Sleep and Academic Performance on College Students

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Most people don’t typically think of alcohol as being a drug when in reality, it is and it’s can be highly abused. Jose Cuervo tequila has an ad that shows three young people that look to be about in their mid-twenties and it has a tagline that says “Live. Laugh. Love. Sleep later.” What seems to be the most misleading thing about this ad is the tagline because it’s basically trying to say drinking their alcohol will make you live, laugh, and love without needing to sleep, so put it off till later. Their motivation is to relate to young people and make them want to buy their alcohol because it claims it will make them happy. In the scientific article, research was done by examining the effects of alcohol use on sleep and academic performance in college students. 236 randomly selected students (124 women) at a liberal arts college were personally interviewed about their alcohol consumption, gender, academic class, weekday and weekend bedtimes and rise times, and how sleepy they felt during the day (Singleton and Wolfson, 2009). What they found was that alcohol consumption was a more important factor in predicting sleep patterns such as duration of sleep, timing of sleep, differences between weekday and weekend night time sleep hours, and the difference between weekday and weekend bedtimes (Singleton and Wolfson, 2009). Their findings show…
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