Effects of Alcoholism on the Human Health and Social Life

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Title Effects of alcoholism on the human health and social life General purpose/objective The speech is aimed at highlighting the negative effects that excessive intake of alcohol and habitual alcoholism can have on the social aspects of a person and the health repercussions of the aforementioned behavior. The content of the speech is largely informative and in very small part persuasive for people to reconsider their drinking habits. Specific purpose The specific objective of the speech is to give informative facts about the negative effects of alcoholism within the American population and the youth in particular. Thesis statement The excessive intake of alcohol also referred to as alcoholism can cause diseases as well as negative connotation and lack of responsible social life particularly among the youth who should be the most productive age group in the American population. Introduction Attention material The audience will be asked to indicate weather they have been affected by alcoholism directly or indirectly. They will be asked to name the few effects they have experienced that they never liked about people engrossed in alcoholism and the extended effects that they have seen on the family. The audience will then be given the statistics concerning alcoholism and the statistics will be dissected down to the youth population since it is this age group that will be predominantly present for the speech. This will acts as a point of identifying the topic to

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