Effects of Apple on Society Essay

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Technology can be used for a lot of things. One piece of technology that really caught everyones attention was apple. Apple was created by steve jobs. There are many reason why it can be good and why it can be bad. This are some of the reason why it can either be bad or good. Technology is something that grows very rapidly and keeps the organizations such as Apple always on their feet striving to develop newer products to compete in the fast competition. Apple having launched their product in Europe saw that the mobile phone industry in Europe was much more advanced than the U.S. People in Europe want their phones to do much more than just make calls and iPhone only capable of running on GSM technology lacked the potential to dominate…show more content…
To tackle that problem Apple's products will need to have certain features which are visible clearly in hardware or software, which can't be replicated or some attributes to the products which are available only if bought direct from the Apple store. There should be some extra augmentation added to the products that Apple manufactures so as to stand out from the fake replica. Apple will have the right to proceed with legal action against the copyright violations but in those countries them small fraudsters are big business probably so acquiring them or overtaking if feasible to maintain dominance in the market could also be an option for Apple. Apple maintains relations with third parties very strongly and relies on them a great deal before entering into any new territories, When Apple decides to enter the Chinese or the central Asian booming economies those strong ties with the third parties might be affected. The major reason for the failure that might drop its axe on Apple in the Chinese telecom industry is the fact that only 2 companies dominate the telecom industry in china and one of them is a monopoly now. When apple goes out to pitch its product to the existing giants in telecom in China it has to be careful so as to not fall out of its hands. The Chinese govt. itself doesn't allow companies to let the consumer's use Wi-Fi on
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