Essay on Effects of Binge Drinking on College Academics

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Alcohol use among college students has always been a popular subject among teachers, parents, researchers, and even students. The actual act of drinking alcohol is not necessarily the problem, whether legal or not. The main problem is the act of binge drinking of college students, of age or not. Drinking modest amounts of alcohol may have some consequences, but binge drinking has more negative consequences than normal modest drinking. There are many examples as to the consequences that binge drinking can cause to college student’s lives, but one of the main consequences that students face as a result of frequent drinking is poor academic final grades. Binge drinking in college has been said to directly affect the GPA of college…show more content…
The results of this study proved that a majority of the students ended up having a “C” average with 35.8%, and more students came out with an “F” average versus an “A” average. (Thombs et al., 2009) This information just brings to light how important it is to succeed in college, and how students should be trained at a young age how to prevent falling behind in college in order to succeed in school, and in life. One intervention study done by Pennsylvania State University (2010) with parents and high school students was to see the effects of student drinking in college if parents were involved in the decision making early on in high school. This study proved to show that students that took part in the study were less likely to find drinking in college interesting. These sorts of programs can lead to greater academic success in college students. In another study done by Stephen Porter and John Pryor (2007), they related the number of drinks per week to time management and grades by separating the groups into gender and school type. Women typically seemed to spend less time drinking, especially at all women’s schools or research universities, than men at any kind of university. For the students who did seem to engage in heavier drinking, the smaller amount
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