Effects of Binge Drinking on College Students

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According to Veronica Harper’s Effects of Binge Drinking on College Students College students are more likely to consume alcohol more than people of the same age who are not attending college. Almost half of the college students that consume alcohol are considered binge drinkers (Five drinks in a row at one sitting for a man and four drinks in a row at one sitting for women). Many students believe the use of alcohol is a big part of the college experience, thus can be concluded that the college atmosphere may influence and nurture increased alcohol consumption. The amount of alcohol the student drinks varies according to their age, where they live, and with whom they associate (Harper). As stated in the article, if students begin…show more content…
Personal reasons such as lack of interest in the course subject, higher academic difficulty in college as compared to high school, or dislike of a professor can also affect class performance and are not necessarily associated with alcohol consumption. The Reflection of Grades and Use of Alcohol among College Students A study conducted at the University of Berkeley shows the conversion of 1, 250 students in high school becoming a college student at Berkeley into their junior year as stated in this article. They were each given a survey to put them into categories and estimate a cumulative GPA compared to their high school GPA. These students were asked if they encountered any alcohol related problems such as missing a class, falling behind in schoolwork, performing poorly on a test, having a hangover, getting in trouble with the police or campus authorities. As expected, high school GPA was positively associated with college GPA. However, opposing to the popular beliefs, GPA was based on environmental variables and not restricted by the student's overall use of alcohol. Other studies shave proved that becoming alcohol reliant has an effect on how long a person is willing to keep up with their educational efforts, but without directly affecting an individual’s GPA. (Elicholty) Bucknell University A study was conducted at Bucknell University. The Core Alcohol study concluded that heavy drinkers are more likely to obtain poor
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