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The Effects of Bullying on Victims A child being bullied is a very stressful ordeal for children. There are many different forms of bullying, it isn’t all physical violence it is also verbal or social abuse. Bulling can consist of threatening, persistent teasing, name calling, ignoring, gossiping and spreading vicious rumors. These occur when a bully completely breaks down a child’s image and personality. The three main psychological effects of bullying are depression, self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts. A child subjected to bullying is more likely to be diagnosed with a depressive disorder than a child not being bullied. A child feeling depressed can involve emotional symptoms: such as fear, sadness, irritability,…show more content…
In the survey conducted in 1993 P. T. Slee and K. Rigby in Australia, almost half of the young people surveyed said they had thought about committing suicide as a result of bullying, and 20 percent have actually attempted suicide, some more than once. This compares with a 7 percent of the non-bullied group who contemplated suicide, and 3 percent who attempted it. The suicide of Phoebe Prince is a heartbreaking example of that bullying can lead too. According to a report in the October 10, 2010 issue of People magazine, Phoebe was a fifteen year old that moved with her family from a small town from Ireland. Only six months after coming to America, she had taken her own life, due to the torture that she endured at the hands of nine of her classmates. She drew the rage of female classmates when she started to date the senior quarterback of the school she attended. Soon she became the target of hateful attacks from every direction, and all her tribulations grew too much for her to endure. One day, after having a can of Red Bull thrown at her from a moving car while walking to her house, she took her own life in her home by hanging herself. A victim being bullied day every single day of their school live can be a huge weight on his back. A child with depression and low self-esteem can have long-term emotional damage. A child taking his own life can affect his parents, because they will endure the pain of losing a

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