Effects of Changing Times on Families Explained in "The Changing American Family" by Beam and "The American Family Is No More" by Bidwell

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"The Changing American Family" by Cris Beam and "The American Family Is No More" by Allie Bidwell. Both of these articles are explaining how the traditional American family has changed and that there is no traditional American family anymore. These articles all explain how times have changed and families are growing more diverse and no longer follow the trends the once followed. While the article by Cris Beam was more based of statistics and how much things have changed, Allie Bidwell's article still had the same bottom line main idea. Both authors’ views were essentially the same and made the same arguments.

In The Changing American Family by Cris Beam he uses statistics to show how the changes have changed so drastically. These
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In my life at the beginning you would be able to say my family had “ The Traditional American Family” my mother and father were together raising two children, one boy and one girl, a dog in a nice house in the suburbs. But like most other families apparently, my parents divorced, my father remarried and my mom raised us.

I live my life day-to-day not really thinking about the changes that are going on around me every day, before reading this article I would have never even thought twice about this actually being a thing. In a way there’s nothing you can not really do about something like this, nor is there a reason to do something about this. People are living the lives the way they want with the people they want, or don’t want. It definitely sparked something in me making me interested on why, why people are acting differently, what has changed making this so much different from 40 years ago. This whole situation has always made me, while dating and meeting people want someone I will be with my whole life. This “Traditional American Family” almost brainwashed you to think that’s how your family is supposed to be, but in all reality it’s not.

The Traditional American Family, it can mean anything honestly. What it was perceived from back in the 60s to what it is today there may not be a norm but a tradition
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