Effects of Cloud Computing in the Global Business Environment

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Effects of Cloud Computing in the Global Business Environment INTRODUCTION Cloud computing is a technology model that allows users to access and obtain delivery of information and resources over the Internet. This model generates all of the features required to support the complete cycle of constructing and delivering web-based applications. Nowadays, more and more companies are investing in the development of this powerful and valuable technology which has revolutionized the way of doing business, selling and marketing products. “It is a simple idea with great impact” that has evolution thanks to the faster and faster Internet connections, as we will discuss later on this paper. Information technology has developed…show more content…
With cloud computing, you no longer have to select, implement and manage back-end IT infrastructure directly, the infrastructure or service is delivered through a Web portal. Now, the data can be easily copied over to a cloud storage provider rather than sitting at a second site. And, all that is being paid for is the amount of resources consumed. In addition, cloud service providers also provide more than just online storage. The cloud provides computing capacity as well as storage. Therefore, the data can be manipulated and processed remotely. Thus, it requires fewer (on-line) servers and uses less energy than on-premise systems. In fact, according to a WSP Environment and Energy study, Salesforce.com's system on average is 95 percent more carbon efficient than on-premise systems and 64 percent more efficient than private cloud systems. Last year, the company reduced its carbon footprint by 170,900 tons [4]. Additionally, cloud computing helps organizations work more efficiently by minimizing the potential loss of revenue from business downturn due to Data Centers outage. In one instance, an engineering firm typically required two weeks to run simulations for a project using its installed servers. The firm wanted to speed up its work, but buying additional processing power seemed to be an unwise choice, as
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