Effects of Computer Games in Students

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Marinduque State College
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Jay Andrew Nagutom
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Marinduque State College
School of Information and Computing Science
Society and Culture
In modern society, it is very common playing computer games. Even though computer games are common in our life, they have not only good effects, but also bad effects, especially to teenagers. Moreover, even though parents know that teenagers play computer games too much, they do not know that why teenagers are widely excited at computer games, and what the bad effects of computer games are. There are
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Today almost all of us have electronic devices at home for us to be comfortable and handy at times. But it also has a negative effect on children, especially teenagers. Parents usually buy computers for their children educational resource. But teenagers who always seek to fun activities around them use computer to play games, chat with their friends and to catch up with the latest gossip on celebrities. And before they know it they are already addicted to computer. Computer can cause teenagers to be physically, and mentally ill, and the more the child spends more time on the computer, the more he or she loses time to focus on academics, and to talk to their family. Computers, video games, and the internet have become entrenched features of our daily lives. Computer use has reached beyond work and is now a major source of fun and entertainment for many people. For most people, computer use and video game play integrated into their lives in a balanced healthy manner. For other time spent on the computer or video game is out of balance, and has displaced work, school, friends, and even family. (www.mediafamily.org/facts/facts_gameaddiction.shtml) According to Gentile (2004), video games are natural teachers. Children find them highly motivating by virtue of their interactive nature.
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