Effects of Culture in Business Communication

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How does culture effect business communication in the workplace? Home » Information Technology » Intro to Business Communication » How does culture effect business communication in the workplace? Cultural awareness in communication is crucial in today’s workplace. Businesses must adjust and accommodate new attitudes, rules, and values that are merging in this intercultural society and workplace. Businesses need to be aware of stereotypes, prejudices, and generalizations and proactively educate employees in cultural awareness. According to The American Heritage Dictionary, stereotyping is defined as: a conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image. Sometimes stereotypes may contain truth, however if the…show more content…
THE FACTORS AFFECTING CROSS- CULTURAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Culture directly affects the communication process in an international business setting through seven variables: 1. language 2. environmental and technological considerations 3. social organization 4. contexting and face-saving 5. authority conception 6. nonverbal communication behavior 7. time conception These seven items form the acronym LESCANT. Most barriers when communicating across cultures derive from the communicator's misgauge of the LESCANT factors. By assessing in advance the roles these variables play in business communication, one can improve one's ability to convey those messages effectively to an audience from a different culture. The seven LESCANT factors alone do not provide a thorough knowledge of another culture. Moreover, these seven dimensions of culture are not intended to represent the only cause of intercultural communication difficulties. Being aware of these factors does, however, provide an underlying foundation on which one can construct a framework for understanding the businesspeople from other cultures. In short, these seven factors represent an approach for asking the right questions needed to see the most significant cultural differences and similarities. The answers to those questions vary according to the individual experiences of those involved. LANGUAGE
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