Effects of Curfew

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Effects of curfew on the behaviour of the high school students. SOP’s 1. Why do parents give curfew to their children? 2. How did the students handle their curfew? How did they react towards it? 3. Problem s encounter by the students on their curfew? Introduction Curfew a set time around which teen will have to schedule their activities. Generally, this curfew doesn’t change and helps your teen to understand boundaries. It does not have to be the same time on weeknights and weekends, but it does remain consistent from weekday to weekday and week end to weekend. You can always add o restricts this time when they have something special to do or you need them to be home earlier. Significance of the study This research study is…show more content…
Unfortunately, come college, grad school or the "real world," these teens are going to have to start disciplining themselves. A kid that can come home at an appropriate time will take that skill into the future. A great way to teach children time discipline without enforcing a curfew is to be disciplined yourself. Parents, and their habits, set the example for teenagers. Lack of Rights and Freedom Although many dismiss this as a frivolous concern, teens are people with an inalienable set of rights too. Teenagers do have the freedom to associate with whoever they want, and should be entitled to a degree of personal freedom. Damian Collins of the Department of Geography at Simon Fraser University conducted research on this very subject in 1999, arguing that it comes from a parental impulsion to prevent youth crime in the Western world. Collins and his associates found that juvenile curfews were most prevalent in the United States. They Don't Cut Crime Although most parents who enforce curfews believe that these rules somehow reduce a child's likelihood to get acquainted with the "wrong people," evidence has yet to support that claim. In fact, the nationally distributed newspaper "Youth Today" reported in 2009 that the effect of curfews on crime is negligible or even nonexistent. Kids Are Not All the Same Curfews rely on a central theme from their supporters: that children need to be regulated. Whether or not you believe in
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