Effects of Daycare on Children

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In the earlier years of a child’s life it’s crucial that the child gets the care and attention they need. For children to receive the best care and attention it’s best they stay home with their parents because it’s more influential on their development. However, in order to make a living parents need to re-enter the work force which then leaves them with the decision of which care would be best. This being said, most parents are left with the only option of sending their child to daycare. Being that the parents are left with such option the most important factor they need to take into consideration is the quality of the daycare not price or convenience. Even though daycare may be convenient and cheap the quality could negatively affect…show more content…
With such a thorough conclusion comes a limitation or two which are that the group compared to the experimental group didn’t receive an intervention; also the outcomes had been based on the same sessions of observations. Presented in this article, Daycare Attendance, Stress, and Mental Health, researchers want to know how daycare may be connected to children and the development of mental health disorders. They believe that the individual and environmental conditions may have also played a role in either increasing or decreasing cortisol levels resulting in mental health disorders. To begin their study they selected articles that focused on daycare and levels of cortisol levels in children. Eleven articles had been found through MEDLINE and PsycINFO and were all used in the study. In order for researchers to evaluate these articles they used Cohen effect size statistics to help them compare studies and pull the results together. The studies reviewed were shown to have four categories that were compared which lead to four different results. The ending results of this study show that children who are in a daycare, who have a difficult temperament, who are in a low quality daycare or who is a preschooler show higher cortisol levels which leads to risks of mental health issues. This being said, the studies could be bias because the
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