Essay about Effects of Different levels of T.V Violence on Aggression

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Abstract EFFECTS OF DIFFERENT LEVELS OF T.V VIOLENCE ON AGGRESSION: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of different levels of television violence on grade school children. Since some studies show that younger children are more prone to aggression than older children. This study is designed to show how violence plays a role in aggression. The intention is to show that violence causes different aggression levels between males and females. The second purpose of this study is to show if there are any significant differences between males and females and aggression induced by violence. The information on gender difference and aggression is controversial. All the children were mixed in this experiment combined the male and…show more content…
The United Sates is the clear leader among modern, stable democratic nations in its rates of homicides, assault, rape, and robbery, and it is among the highest in incidents of group violence and assassinations. This high level of violence is dangerous to our society. It is disfiguring out society—making fortresses of portions of our cities and dividing our people into armed camps. It is jeopardizing to some of our most precious institutions; among them our schools and universities—poisoning the spirit of trust and cooperation that is essential to their proper functioning.      In the past years until now, violence among children has increased dramatically. Cases have been reported where grade school students take guns and other weapons to school and use them against their teachers and classmates. Things of that sort are very much a reality for schools around the country. Is the reason for these acts of violence that children are becoming more aggressive at younger ages? Does, the media have to do something with the increase in violence of young children, the fact that the media has more violence in it than any other point in history? It could be a combination of things, including work, single parents, peer pressures, etc. The true concern is that the media entertains children with violent shows, which are aimed at them. Some networks agreed to place advisories warning before and the prime-time television programs which they determined

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