Effects of Divorce on Children

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The effects of divorce

This paper is going to be about the various effects of divorce. I will look at three different ways that divorce effects the children. I will first look at the ways that divorce affects a students academic achievement. I will then look at the effects that divorce has on relationships with both parents and other people and lastly I will examine the emotional effects of divorce. The effects of divorce on children can change almost all aspects of a person's life including where they live, with whom they live with, their standard of living, their emotional happiness, their assets and liabilities, time spent with parent and other family, and so much more. A number of children have plenty of trouble in schools but it’s
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My mother doesn’t let my sister disrespect her or appear to not have control of the house. My sister doesn’t feel that she can do whatever she wants just because my dad isn’t around. It’s really important for parents to talk with their children too keep them from failing in life and keep the in control too. What the parents can also do to resolve the conflict is talk to their children and emphasize the fact that even though the family is changing they must continue to respect them, follow house rules, and do their best in school. The parents should also monitor their children constantly and give them consistent discipline.

What the parents can do to help their children is remarry. Young children of parents that don’t remarry within a few years of the divorce have a higher risk of developing emotional, psychological, social, and relationship problems as the years go by. [10] A single parent can’t provide their children with everything they need. Remarriage typically bolsters family income through the addition of another wage earner to the household. Remarriage also makes it easier for the kids to get college education. Remarriage also provides more parental supervision and support for the children. [9]Both parents can monitor their children and also give them lots of love and support. Remarrying can
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