Effects of Divorce on Children

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Divorce has many victims; they do not fall under a specific category and do not target a specific gender, age, race, or ethnicity. The effect of divorce on children differs from the effect on the spouses. The reasons for divorce are endless; they have many side effects on the spouses but most importantly affect the children. Divorce is one of the main reasons for disruption in our communities. Regardless of the reason, divorce always harms the children’s decisions, personalities, and futures. The rate of divorced parents is growing daily according to divorcestatistic.org, the divorce rate in America for the first marriage is between 41 and 50 percent. Divorce does not only happen between the spouses, especially when there are children involved. Marriages might end with divorce due to conflicts. Divorce can also occur due to loss of connection and intimacy in a ten to twelve year marriage (Psych page, Gottman Research). Communication problems between spouses can cause one of the spouses to be very abusive. An abusive parent can harm the child and lead to psychological problems in the future. In addition, criticism plays a vast role in the relationship; one spouse might say, “What kind of person are you?” (Psych page, Gottman Research). In my experience, this question allows the problem or fight to escalate. Communication in any relationship is vital, understanding one another makes it easier for each person to explain their point of view. According to Gottman, poor
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