Effects of Drought

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Effects of Drought
Natural phenomenon along with being very beautiful and useful for humankind, sometimes become very disastrous and demolishing for them. They show a negative side of nature and indicate some very demolishing aspects of nature, which the humans cannot ignore because of possessing less power. These incidents remind people that they do not have the control over everything and they are very small in front of such natural calamities. However, with strategic and wise planning one can reduce the severity of its effects but cannot save from them completely. Therefore, the areas that often face droughts should remain alert and stimulate their weather experts to continuously analyze weather conditions and give instructions of
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As discusses above, drought causes the shortage of plants and animals, which provide food for human beings. Therefore, the shortage of food causes problems for living.
Government can import food from neighbor countries on heavy expenses, there are many food items that countries cannot import but large proportions include the foods that can be imported. People can survive on these imports for a long time but what would do for the cleanliness of environment. Obviously, if they import water, they would primarily focus on consumption activities to use it not the cleaning propose. This would cause dirt and pollution, which contributes in increasing births of harmful insects causing diseases for humans, animals and plants. Again, rich people can go to hospitals but poor ones will suffer from this too.
The use of water is not only important in food, survival and cleanliness but in many other areas as well. For example in case of fire, if there is no water, only fate is devastation of resources, properties and lives. Other than this, in case of droughts there can be severe political and social disturbance. Due to droughts, there can be ruthless disagreements over the entitlement of water between groups of people, which may lead to disputes based on ethnicity, cast, religion etc. Since the government is responsible to take care of the recourses of country, there
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