Effects of Exercise to Muscles

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Effects of exercise to muscles Jezreel E. Rodriguez Communication Arts II Professor Manlapig, B. May 22, 2012 Thesis statement: 54 percent of human body mass is muscles, and through regular exercise these muscles could be made healthier. I. Introduction II. Muscles and exercise a. Three types of muscles 1. Smooth muscle 2. Cardiac muscle 3. Skeletal muscle b. Benefits of exercise to muscles 1. Muscle Strength 2. Muscle Endurance 3. Muscle Size 4. Muscle Nerve-Interaction 5. Blood Circulation c. Muscle Soreness After Exercise 1. Causes of muscle Soreness 2. Treatment for muscle soreness 3. Tips for dealing with muscle soreness 4. Tips to prevent muscle soreness III. Conclusion…show more content…
& Noland V., 2006). Muscle Endurance Muscular endurance is the ability of the muscles to keep working for an extended time(Phentice H. & Needham M.,1997).It can increase depends on the strength of the muscle and through changes in local metabolic and circulatory function. Exercise will increase blood flow and enhance the capacity of the muscle fibers to generate and store more energy that allows the muscle to endure continuous use of muscle in longer period of time (Weir, 2010). Muscle Size Another effect of exercise to muscular system is the enlargement of the muscle. As regular as you do an exercise in the gym by lifting weights, your body will continue adding size to meet the imposed demand (Jordan T.S.).Having a long term exercise can generate muscle fibers growth known as hypertrophy. Having a resistance training will increase overall synthesis which is the main building block for muscle. When you lift an overload weights it will increase the number of contractile filaments with in the muscle cells. This will make the enlargement of muscle cells that makes the entire muscle larger(Weir J., 2010). Muscle Nerve Interaction To improve the strength of the muscle of the muscle, it’s also needed the good performance of nervous System. Increasing of maximal force production can give a good recruitment of nerve fibers. Strengthening trainings improves the ability of the body to call on more
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