Effects of False Appearances Essay

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Effects of false appearances Appearances can be seen as impressions given by someone else. Perception plays a big part on how appearances are misleading. In The Imposter Bride, by Nancy Richler, Yanna’s perception of herself and the Kramer family’s perception of her lead to the destruction of their lives. In Life of Pi, by Yann Martel, Pi creates a false appearance which helps him cope with the tragedy he endures. In One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey, the main characters create false appearances to hide their true intentions. The novels show that false appearances lead to psychological problems. The psychological problems caused by false appearances are regret, loss of identity and lack of self-worth. Regret is a psychological…show more content…
He kills Pi’s mother to show his superiority amongst other individuals stuck on the lifeboat. He also seems to show no regard for human life. However, “he let himself be killed, though it was still a struggle. He knew he had gone too far, even by his bestial standards. He had gone too far and now he didn’t want to go on living any more … Why do we cling to our evil ways?”(Martel 344). This confirms the fact that the cook regrets killing Pi’s mother so he feels that his life should be ended as a punishment for the inhumane action he commits. The false appearance the cook portrays which is, having no morals, was false because he regrets murdering Pi’s mother. Pi in the text seems to be a religious and an individual with moral values but that is false because his true self emerges when he kills the cook. Pi says that “He was such an evil man. Worst still he met the evil in me-selfishness, anger and ruthlessness. I must live with that” (Martel 345). The cook brings out a side of Pi that Pi did not want to believe was there, so he regrets letting his emotions take over him. This reveals that Pi is not as holy as he seems and hates the fact that he had committed an evil deed, so he creates the story of him being stranded on the lifeboat for two hundred and twenty seven days with a tiger which makes him seem heroic. Likewise, in One that Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest McMurphy regrets creating a false appearance because it leads to his downfall. When McMurphy gets to know the
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