Effects of GMOS

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GMO’s Research The issue of genetically modified organisms is drawing unprecedented media attention due to its potential of bringing about fundamental changes in the genetic make up of living beings. Following paragraphs throw some light on this controversial subject. What are Genetically Modified Organisms? The genetically modified organisms or GMOs are the animals and plants that are genetically modified in order to develop the useful or desired traits. The techniques used to carry out genetic modification are known as genetic engineering techniques. The recombinant DNA technology is used for creating a new set of genes by combining the DNA molecules from different sources. The DNA is transferred into the organism in question and…show more content…
Risk of Misuse: The risk of the information regarding these techniques falling into wrong hands should be considered while studying the pros and cons of genetic engineering. Mindless cloning of animals and plants for commercial purposes would definitely have adverse effects on the gene pool we have today. The process of genetic erosion might accelerate with increase in the number of genetically modified organisms. Disruption of Natural Genetic Information: It is argued that in genetic engineering, the insertion of genes is done precisely in living cells. However, it cannot be decided where exactly in the DNA sequence, the gene is to be inserted. There is a risk of the disruption of gene expression and the genetic information present in the DNA. Preliminary Stage of Research: Most of the research in the field of genetic engineering is in its preliminary stages. The tests are generally conducted on animals and very little of the research is reviewed by scientists. Moreover, the research methodology used by these companies is not reviewed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). GloFish is one of the genetically modified organisms and is a form of the zebra fish. Yorktown Technologies from Austin, Texas brought the GloFish into the US market in the year 2003. The genetically modification of living

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