Effects of Gun Control

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There are thousands of people that own guns in the United States. People have owned guns for the entire duration of American history. Even pre-dating the formation of the country, there were the Massachusetts minutemen who owned their own firearms and used them to defend themselves against oppression. Many lawmakers now want to go against these principles of allowing gun ownership for civilians (Dreier 92). They want to challenge the freedoms that have built the United States into the nation that it is today. They want to challenge the freedoms that Americans are specifically promised in the second amendment of the Constitution. All lawmakers need to stop consider the effects that will come into play with the creation of gun control laws.…show more content…
This is a freedom that has been granted to all citizens ever since the Constitution was ratified in the late 18th century, and there is no reason that such a freedom should be taken from the people whose fathers helped to build this country up from the ground. To take such laws from the people that help to run the democracy that currently runs the United States could be taken in no other way than a movement towards socialist policies and eventually down the path that so many countries have strayed before towards becoming a nation that cannot breathe without the consent of a higher authority. These are not the fundamental theories on which our government is based. The French political philosopher, Montesquieu, said in his thoughts on how a government should be run, says that, “one man need not be afraid of another.” This thought has driven the way that Americans have run their governmental system for over two hundered years. Needless to say that all Americans have earned the right to bear the firearms that so many now own and handle on a daily basis. They have earned it through their willingness to preserve freedom in their own country and even keep those in different parts of the world from falling under the oppressive hands that may lie on international soils. The American spirit is feuled by the trust invested into the government by the people, and if the people begin to suspect that this trust is being compromised because of some infringement of rights,
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